UV Sanitizer Box Case LED UVC Sterilizer Cleaner Bag Large Portable For for Mobile Phone, Underwear, Tableware, Beauty Tools


FAST DELIVERY: We will use the fast delivery DHL . You will receive it within 10 days after placing the order . 

LARGE SIZE:  24cm*19.5cm*15cm (LxWxH)/9.45in x 7.68in x 5.91in. 

SAFETY AND EASY USE: One button design, one click to turn on and one click to turn off, automatic shutdown function after 3 mins dis*infection. Safe UV light auto shuts-off when the lid is opened. No residue, No Ozone smell after using it.

LARGE SANITIZING SPACE: It can clean your phone, jewelry, watches credit cards toys, underwear, keys, watches, glasses, makeup brushes, and much of your household items.

360-Degree Disinfection:This UV sanitizer box has 12pcs LED UV lamps, 99% Cleaned in 3 mins.

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