Unscented Hand Sanitizer Gel Softsoap Hand Sanitizer Pump With Rinse-Free Foam Great For Office Home And Classroom


Fast Delivery-- We use the fast delivery DHL , you will receive it within 10 days after placing the order

Rinse-Free---Gel hand sanitizer cleanse hands effectively when fresh water is unavailable. You could clean your hand any time.

How To Use-- It is easy to use . As needed, dispense onto dry hands, coating evenly. Allow to evaporate .

A non-drying, alcohol-based formulation with purifying and hydrating properties, to cleanse hands effectively when fresh water is unavailable. The perfect, pocket-sized product to ensure perpetually clean hands.

PROTECTECTION: Ideal to protect your mouth and face by keeping dust away. Our cotton mouth mask is also a good match for outdoor

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